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"WPL B36 Ural: 6WD Remote Control Military Truck."

"WPL B36 Ural: 6WD Remote Control Military Truck."

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Introducing the latest product from Skymaker, a brand that stands out for its quality and innovative design.

Here we present its technical characteristics:

  1. Recommended age : This product is perfect for children from 6 to 12 years old .
  2. Origin : Produced with the Best Technology, this product combines expert craftsmanship with modern technology.
  3. Material : Made of plastic and metal , this product guarantees durability and strength.
  4. Servo Throttle and Torque : Equipped with HereToys , this product guarantees optimal performance.
  5. Model Number : The JJRC WPL B36 model is a testament to Skymaker's innovation and quality.
  6. Design : With a dirt bike design, this product is sure to be a hit with kids.
  7. Controller Mode : With MODE2 , this product allows easy operation and control.

With Us you can expect nothing less than the best. Experience the difference with Skymaker today!

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Customer Reviews

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Catalina Colón


Daniela Hernández

Want to see more details of this product?

Subscribe to the YouTub channel, with @ nerd021 (only search by this name)
Soon more videos about the products.

Ana Alanis

I have not received the batteries or the remote control of the product. Appears in the video propaganda and description. Request shipping control and battery, look forward to return.

Emilio Medina

Very nice, Thank you. Slow but cheap shipping. All you additionally need is 2x AA Batteries

Eva Arias

The items have been delivered. However the packaging came damaged. Seller only packed with thin plastic. Product packaging came damaged. Harms those who intend to resell or gift. In the next sales I recommend packing better to protect the original packaging.