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"Powerful e-bike with 2000W dual motor"

"Powerful e-bike with 2000W dual motor"

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Discover elegance and precision with the Q20 Electric Bicycle! This luxury electric vehicle will take you to new heights.

Here are the technical features that will make you want one:

  1. Voltage : Powered by a 48V battery, providing power and efficiency.
  2. Style : The Q20 is a luxury model with an elegant design.
  3. Motor : Equipped with a brushless motor, it guarantees smooth and silent performance.
  4. Passenger Capacity : Perfect for one person .
  5. Maximum Speed : Reach 55 km/h and feel the excitement!
  6. Range per Charge : Explore up to 60 km on a single charge.
  7. Wheel Size : 20" wheels offer stability and comfort.
  8. Frame Material : Constructed of carbon steel , it is strong and durable.
  9. Driving Modes : Choose between pure electric, electric assistance or pedaling .
  10. Front Fork : The double shoulder hydraulic fork ensures a smooth ride.
  11. Transmission System : Rear-wheel drive for agile handling.

The Q20 Electric Bike is more than a vehicle, it is a luxury experience on wheels! 🚴‍♂️✨

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Irene Escalante

Biker: late 50’s with bad hip and arthritis, but fit as a butcher’s dog otherwise. The Good things we experienced during the first 70km with the MX06: 1/the 500W Bafang motor pulls really well and is decently quiet if not pushed too hard. 2/installed controller has 20A current limit so yes it would not let one use the full power of the motor, however the range with the included battery is very good. We live in mountainous area of coastal Spain and during 50km ride on roads around and across mountains with several over 800m climb sections the bike did very well going from full to 40% battery at the end of the trip. This however using legs as much as I could, mechanical shift and motor support at Level 2 no higher. Despite this self imposed limit in extra power it was no drama to ride 10% road climb one after another with good use of mechanical gearing, mostly between 3/4/5 with level 2 electric support, really impressive for the price. 3/ frame is solid, that’s after 10km off road run

María Luisa Cardenas

Excellent bike, good quality. Delivery 2 days before estimated, very good package, no transportation damages. Assembly was easy, video instructions provided, Good communication and info from delivery. Everything works perfectly, test drives done with my wife and girl ;-) electric motor is powerful.

Rosario Mojica

The package was not intact had a hole on one side but the bike had no scratches or dents, easy to mount all handlebar, wheel, Fender, pedals and taillight .... Did 50 km yesterday and it seems to match the battery life for 90 km... The engine has a powerful thrust so say quality very good price

Raúl Méndez

The bike is great and looks great. My wife is very happy with the gift.

Gregorio Echevarría

The bike works very well, maneuverable, light. Very convenient for the city and long walks.