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"SG907 MAX Quadcopter with 5G WiFi"

"SG907 MAX Quadcopter with 5G WiFi"

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This High-Tech Drone with Remote Control has arrived to revolutionize the way you fly

The SG907 Quadcopter is an exceptional drone designed for aerial adventures.

Its notable features include:

  1. Remote Distance of 800 meters : Explore the sky without limits and capture impressive views from any point.

  2. Integrated Remote Control : Pilot with precision and confidence thanks to the intuitive remote control.

  3. Anti-Wind Ability : Fly stably even in windy conditions, ensuring sharp images and smooth videos.

  4. Original Box Included : The package comes with a sturdy box to protect your investment.

This is more than a drone; It is your passport to freedom in the air. Take off and discover a new world from above! 🚁✨

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Adriana Nájera

My son was so excited to get this. It was easy enough to get it going and he enjoyed flying it in the neighborhood.

Roberto Valentín

It's hard to start learning to fly. Definitely not suitable for use in small areas. Very good work in the park. I fell several times, but nothing broke.

Beatriz Armijo

It flies to the maximum height without problems. Images and vidieo are excellent

Ricardo Quintanilla

This drone was very easy to use and great. I would definitely recommend the product. It comes with two Chargers so you can have one extra in case you go out and the camera function is really cool.

Estela Prado

Because of the weather, I haven't had a chance to catch a plane yet. It is a very good product and it arrives on time.